Telling stories that matter

A compact studio with big aspirations, Tin Punch Media was founded with the goal of producing visionary short movies and shareable branded content for a wide spectrum of corporate clients, non-profits, and individuals.

Our aesthetic is guided by the idea that constraint inspires creativity—expensive gimmicks are no match for rich character, deep emotion, and truly unique perspectives. Working with less creates a special magic and simplicity that immediately sets us apart.

Jason Yaitanes – Creative Director, Co-founder

Jason is religiously committed to bold creativity and a high level of craftsmanship. He is determined to foster within Tin Punch Media an atmosphere of experimentation, wild brainstorming, and a relentless pursuit of the Unexpected.

Biz Stone – Founding Advisor

TIME put him on their list of most influential persons in the world. Biz became an Internet entrepreneur in 1999, then went on to work for Google before co-founding Twitter and the Obvious Corporation. He guides Tin Punch Media with his vast wisdom and spirit for fearless innovation.

Dunstan Orchard – Director of New Media

Having spent the last eight years fulfilling design and engineering roles at Apple, Flickr, and Aol, Dunstan brings a holistic view of the web and its communities to Tin Punch Media.